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The judges

We have gathered a team of top judges from across Europe

Head judge

Karin Thunander


It has been more than twenty years since I was introduced to this sport with its breathtaking collaboration between human and dog, and today it is with great honour to again be welcomed as judge for the IWT - now as Head Judge for the 2023 competition, held for the first time in my home country Sweden.

Besides judging, I currently breed labradors under the kennel name Streamlight’s together with Lena Westerman. At home I have five bitches and we compete in various Field Trials and Championships around Europe. Among our achievements are four Swedish Field Trial Champions, winner of the Swedish Championship, winner of the Skinner’s World Cup Retriever event and part of the winning team at Brahetrolleborg Profine Nations Cup. With all competitions throughout the years - no matter if the result has been complete failure or delightful success - I still continue to get goosebumps from the excitement that arises in the field and I am convinced that the same feeling will emerge during our days together at Kjesäter.

With that, I want to wish the best of luck to you, your team and your dogs - it will be a pleasure seeing your work and take part of your accomplishments this weekend!


PS. In this picture I'm wearing a coat from the Head Sponsor of IWT 2023, Chevalier!

Thomas Plamboeck


Thomas Plamboeck has:
• Bred dogs under the kennel name Batmoors´ with his wife for many years.
• Made up Hillus Powell to Danish Field Trial Champion and Danish Working Test Champion, and Elite Winner in 2012 and 2014.
• Been part of the winning team at the Nordic Championships with Hillus Powell.
• Gained 3rd winner at the European Cup with Hillus Powell.
• Won international Winner A field trials.
• Made up Broadlaw Ebony and DKJCH Astraglen Bailey to Danish Field Trial Champions.
• Placed 1-2-3-4 winner at the Danish Retriever Club’s Elite test with various dogs.

Thomas has judged both national and international tests and field trials for many years. He is a qualified International A-judge in the Danish Retriever Club and judges all types of tests and field trials within DRK. He has judged the Skinners Cup in the UK, and tests and field trials in several European countries.

Miso Sipola


Firstly, I would like to say thank you for inviting me to judge the IWT 2023 in Sweden. I am looking forward to it.

I have always been very interested hunting and shooting. I bought my first retriever 1985. Since then, I have made up 5 champions. I have a small labrador breeding under the kennel name Eagle Owl´s.

I´m an official FCI judge, and judge field trials, dummy trials and working test in many countries in Europe.

I wish all teams the best of luck!

Anders Carlsson


I have been shooting since I was 16 years old and got my first gundog in 1979. It was a yellow labrador bitch called Vicky. She became Champion on cold game and was also the reason why our kennel Carmals, which I run together with my wife Mirjam, started.

Our reason for training Labradors, is the need for effective retrievers on shooting days. I have produced several Field Trial Champions and some Champions on cold game tests. Since 1994 I have been a judge on cold game tests, and I have judged FCI trials and field trials for over 20 years. In addition, I have been involved in developing field trials in Sweden since the start in the early 2000s. I’m also involved in the training of field trial judges.

This is my second time judging IWT. The last was in Hungary in 2021. I retired from work a year ago and now I’m spending almost every day in the woods, on the fields and along the coast with my dogs and my gun.

I look forward to seeing great retriever performances and I wish everyone the best of luck!

Stef Bollen


In 1984 I started to train and handle retrievers. Together with my brother Filip we founded our kennel STARCREEK and have several labradors at the moment.

I participate mostly in Field Trials and sometimes in working tests in Belgium and abroad. Up until today, I have made up 7 Field Trial Champions and have represented Belgium on several occasions at international events. I've won many Field Trials over the past 38 years with different dogs. In 2003, I won the FCI Coupe d'Europe in Team Belgium and again in Denmark in 2009. Recently, we came 2nd with the Belgian team at the IWT in Hungary and later in October I won the European Championship 2021 in Hungary as well.

I judged the Coupe d'Europe twice, once in Austria and once in France. I judged the ICC 2016 in Belgium as well and often I shoot at field trials across Europe. I judge working tests in many different countries and we are often asked to give a training seminars.

I love to go out shooting with my wife Els, my brother and friends. And of course also picking up and competing with my dogs on field trials.

I wish all the competitors of the IWT in Sweden 2023 all the best.